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The Ninja Panda

So after a bit of time without any updates, I’ve finished re-ripping the DVD from the Japanese limited edition of DUM SPIRO SPERO. Overall, the total size is notably smaller, mostly because of how much was cleaned up for the first video. The rest of the videos are actually pretty similar in size to the old version. The video quality is definitely improved. The audio quality should be the same as both versions are FLAC rips. The only difference there should be the cropping of the beginnings and ends of the audio streams.


EDIT: Just as a quick fix, the original upload had the menu’s video track being labeled as the same CRF17 as the other videos. I uploaded a new version of it and the MD5 file with that fixed. Normally, I wouldn’t bother, but as both files are rather small, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to fix…

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